The giraffe is a corporate hero for the Promodo company

The light, transparent image of a giraffe, created from a metal rod, demonstrates the character and openness of the company. The animal's heart, pumping blood through red veins, transmits energy to all parts of the "organism".

This sculpture is the heart of the team and an integral part of the Kharkiv office.



The form is built due to logical and plastic lines. They have their own laws: each line has no end, but ends where it begins.


Size 2.9*4.5*1.8 m.

Material: painted steel

Kharkiv, Ukraine


Time Tower

The work shows the passage of time and suggests that people have the right to dispose of this diamond as they wish.

The upper part of the sculpture is made of glass plates in the form of a stylized hourglass. 60 slabs of glowing seconds flow down one by one.

The arm is made of oxidized aluminum, the pedestal - granite.


Roman Rollan street 12, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Aluminum (casting), glass, granite.




The sculpture symbolizes the natural balance that any system strives for.


Granite, stainless steel, bronze.

Arts street 8, Kharkiv, Ukraine (Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts)


  The sculpture is dedicated to the environmental theme and the problem of cutting down forests and green areas in cities.


  Arts street 8, Kharkiv, Ukraine (Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts)

  Steel (welding), wood



The object of modern monumental sculpture is a transparent cube. It consists of parallel plates on which symbols are cut. Each wall is a certain culture. Each culture is based on its own language.

  The idea of the monument is to show the connection of all peoples, which are located, it would seem, in their own plane, but from another point of view intersect with each other, mixing and complementing each other. If you look at the front side of the cube, a thick grid of different symbols appears before the viewer, which allows you to see how densely people of different cultures exist and how they can look harmoniously together.